We gather our past in clutter

Most definitely how I feel about my things. My clothes, especially, because I need that comfort. It’s difficult to let go, even when people are telling you that you have to, and you know they’re right. Teddies, clothes, broken trinkets, they will never be “useless” to me.

the red ant

I may have mentioned Marie Kondo and her magical tidy method a few times before.

‘ere’s the rub:

When you are young you mainly look forward.  You look to the future.  You are unstoppable; and “old” stuff like outmoded toys and too-small clothes get thrown out with delight as “holding you back”.  Sentimentality is a no-no, it’s “not modern” (it already wasn’t “modern” many generations back).

You can’t understand why old people “hoard” seemingly worthless stuff.  Why hold onto that chipped old cup?

As you grow, you come to realize that there is this memento from a moment you spent with your parents, maybe the last one, and the reason you are never throwing that trinket away, is because it triggers that memory every time you look at it.  Or the champagne glasses you used at your wedding – just two, for you and your spouse.  Throw them out?  Never!  …

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