Meeting People 

How does one meet new people? 

You’ve meet all the people there is to meet in work, and they’re not really what you’d call “friends”. School/college/university had some people, but you only connected with one or two, and life is moving on for everyone. Your friendship circle is pretty tight-knit. Everyone knows everybody. 

It seems that unless you drink out on the weekends, meeting new people as an adult is incredibly difficult. Even dating sites encourage the “lets get drunk” culture. 

I don’t drink out like that. And the clubs I want to be in, I’m already in. I crave new friends, new people, new conversations and opinions. I suppose we all do, that’s why social media is so important these modern days. 

Are you just like me? Or have an suggestions? All would be welcome.


17 thoughts on “Meeting People 

  1. I think the way to meet people in 2016, is by “doing”. What Im trying to say is, people are so attached to digital, social media “fantasiaville”, that people are drawn to those who just have live life and have adventures now.

    Im not sure if that made sense.


      • I understand. True,but who said the adventures have to be expensive?

        They could be a jazz festival or a beach trip, or a visit to a muesuem. Im just throwing ideas out thete.

        Youre more right than I


      • that’s awful. Im sorry to hear that. I tried to be friends, or at least speak to everyone in my residence hall. As a matter of fact, I had the weird dichotomy of being the “Big man on campus” after being the loser in high school and follower in middle school.

        such a weird journey.


      • Well i ended up coming home a lot, and looking to transferring into somewhere closer as I’m obviously too “odd” but it’s something you get used to. And I find it’s always a weird journey, good or bad.


      • My first college roommate was like you. He was a natural loner and very self conscious, and hyper religious.

        He only had fun when he was drunk or surrounded by his girl crush and her friends, or my friends.

        He eventually got back to being super religious, stopped hanging out with me, and started going home on the weekend. He eventually transferred. after the fall semester. Mind you, he transferred to my school from wheaton college.

        I think Id suggest to just try and enjoy college; in whatever way that statement applies to you. I graduated,and I had a blast at college; through the good and bad.

        and there was a lot of


      • Y’see I’m quite different. Though I am a natural loner, it’s not always through choice. I was never the party girl either, that I found that caused the biggest divide among other people, was that I wasn’t going to waste my loan on lots of booze, then be stressed when the deadlines came. I had the mindset that I was truly there to learn and work. That didn’t go down so well with a lot of people…
        And the transferring of university is also down to me being pregnant. Just the rough social situation made it a lot easier to make the choice, and not feel I was abandoning any friends.
        I enjoy the learning, the lessons and the books… Oh the books! Haha. I just hope things will be a new start.


  2. Good luck on the transfer and new environment. I understand the abhorrence of alcohol; im a social drinker who prefers to smoke. If those people didnt like your moral or ethical code, then they were never your friends.

    Congrats on the pregnancy. Hope its a healthy one. The deadlines were overrated. I only recall three instances, where I almost blew off an asssignment. Each time I still got the job done.


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